Whistle at my mother

Keep pushing! Breathe tight!

You’ll be a mother this night!


“Its coming, he’s here!

A beautiful boy!”

The accumulated fear

Transformed into joy


Nine months ago, she just thought the worst

After a romantic night ended, when a condom had burst


Her future projected

By a pee covered stick

Her feelings rejected

Its happened too quick!


“Oooh look at your tummy, you’re starting to show”

This lazy fat baby makes me walk slow!


Coke mixed with oil

Sausage and Jelly

Ice cream on the boil

For my confused belly


“You’ve birthed a boy! What is his name?

“Get me my fat husband! Such pain is his blame!


“Mummy! Mum mum!

Can I have some money?”

“Get a job you idle bum!

I’m not being funny!”


Days, turned to months and transformed into years

Till a job he did get, his absence caused tears


“I love you mother

happy mothers day

I bet my crap brothers

Didn’t do it this way”


After four children, she always remembers

That her kids are great, but not as good as Eastenders.


Painting – ‘Whistler’s Mother’ By James McNeill Whistler.


About Matt

I love poems, I love stupid pointless not sure if the person really knows what they're writing about poems, that way who knows what might happen!
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1 Response to Whistle at my mother

  1. adurnablue says:

    this is different, very cool, i used to watch Eastenders too though that was a loooong time ago. I love the flow, mad magic.

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