Ascending dissent

“Stop. Wait. Ah! We said halt.”
Their mother froze with a comical jolt.

“Now come on kids its time for bed!”
This dissent unsettled this calm homestead

“We call for parley, a conversation of truth
Before we even contemplate brushing one tooth”

“Long have you held this bed time rule
Long have we ascended like a saddened mule.”

“To the prison of pillows and covers of lies
To bid the tearful authoritarian beddy byes.”

“I say no longer! I’m tired of sleep!
The wounds of slumber have run deep.”

“Our eyes are open and jammies still folded
No more can you consider us parentally moulded.”

“Freedom! Rights! Freewill to gauge
When we have reached our bedtime stage.”

Eyes half squinted they stood with strength
Prepared to fight to any which length.

“We sit with solidarity and brotherly ties
A bottle of coke and two meaty pork pies.”

The beaten parent slowly sat on the floor
Pressing her back against the cold back door.

“You may shout and cry or threaten the worst
But protest will only quench our thirst.”

“The right of man, of humankind
Is not suspended for the younger mind.”

“So hurtle your stones and your words of fear
You will not see from us one single tear.”

“I’m getting your father”


Picture Courtesy of Steve Kay at Flickr


About Matt

I love poems, I love stupid pointless not sure if the person really knows what they're writing about poems, that way who knows what might happen!
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5 Responses to Ascending dissent

  1. This is such a great poem Matt! I love the juxtaposition of modern day and a Carroll-esque dreamlike quality…Good show! Jamy

  2. simon7banks says:

    For the very first time, I write LOL. I clarify, lest you share David Cameron’s confusion, that this means Laugh Out Loud, not Lots Of Love. I loved the mock-heroic tone: change a few words and it could have been a poem about the American Revolution, some heroic defeat of Irish nationalism or Horatius on the bridge.

  3. Congratulations! You’ve been nominated by me for the Liebster Award.

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